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Over 12 months Restoke - an arts organisation based in Stoke-on-Trent - involved over 60 men in conversations and creative explorations alongside a team of professional artists. 21 men went on to create and perform MAN UP in a working mens club on the outskirts of the city... a gritty, humorous & revealing show from the frontlines of masculinity & mental health.


Performed August 2018, Goldenhill Working Mens Club, Stoke-on-Trent. 

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I have just seen THE most moving, brave, committed performance (also superbly written, grippingly lit, deftly staged, fab sound - loved the drums, synths, & choir). All in Goldenhill WMC. This is what theatre is for. @restoke & #upmen: thank you

I have rarely felt so present,

so connected, and humble. The

feeling of humanity and the

bonding is incredible. I danced!

So, where does the adventure take us from here? Well, hopefully, it’ll take us forward and show us that it’s OK to be unsure about who we are at times. Personally I’d like to think that

this is the start of something bigger for myself and others.

| Man Up Evaluation

“The aim of this report is to open a window into Restoke’s methods of co-creation in a way that invites you to share in their learning; describing the processes, successes and challenges of tackling the difficult subject of mental health through participatory performing arts.”

Nicola Winstanley, Artist-Researcher.


| In their own words - Man Up blog (2018)


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